Introduction to C 

 C Programming language is a compiled, structural, center degree programming language evolved at AT & T`s Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972, designed and written through Dennis Ritchie to redevelop the UNIX operating system.  It is an advanced model of the B language that evolved through Ken Thompson. 

 During the 1980s, C step by step received popularity. It has emerged as one of the most extensively used programming languages. C programming is an amazing language to discover ways to apply for beginners. Many famous software programs are written in C like Oracle, MySQL, center library of Android, nearly each Device Driver. Major components of WINDOWS, LINUX and Web Browsers are written in C. If you need to carefully have interaction with the hardware without compromising the overall performance, C goes to be your choice. 

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History of C Language 

 The C Programming language is a shape oriented programming language, evolved at Bell Laboratories in 1972 through Dennis Ritchie. 

 C programming language capabilities have been derived from an advanced language known as “B” (Which is an upgraded model of Basic Combined Programming Language “BCPL”). BCPL evolved through Martin Richards in 1966. 

 C language became invented for enforcing the UNIX Operating system

 In 1978, Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan posted the primary edition “The C programming language” and generally referred to as K&R C. 

 In 1983, The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) mounted a committee to offer a modern, complete definition of C. The ensuing definition, the ANSI standard, or “ANSI C“, became finished overdue 1988. 

 Features of C: There are masses of capabilities or traits of C language because of which it’s nevertheless well-known sufficient even after around 50 years of improvement. It presents: 

Features of C Language 

  •  Simple 
  •  General Purpose Programming Language 
  •  Reliability 
  •  Powerful/Robust 
  •  Portability 
  •  Modular/Procedure oriented 
  •  Flexibility 
  •  Structured Programing Language Interactivity 
  •  Modularity 
  •  Efficiency And Effectiveness   

 Compilation Process in C: The laptop knows handiest system language. So to make our software program to run on a system, we want a technique that could translate this code right into a language that laptop can recognize. This technique of translation is known as compilation. Or we are able to say- compilation is the technique of translating the code you write right into a language this is local to the system you’re targeting. The supply code has to skip thru set of sub processes. 

Why to research C Programming–  

  •  C is a mom of all languages due to the fact C is the primary entire language. 
  •  C allows you to construct a sturdy programming basis that’s ever lasting and which assists you at some point of your life. 
  •  The item oriented programming fundamentals found in C++, C# and Java presents big benefit for programmers however the fundamental programming factors like looping, variable declaration, logical and mathematics operation are nearly comparable in C
  •  The applications written in C are very efficient. generally because Its overall performance and pace of execution is unique. Even today’s tool drivers also are written in C. 
  •  C is largely a center degree language. It is an interface among meeting languages and excessive degree languages. C can interface with each of them. When you recognize C you may get delivered to the laptop architecture, you may recognize reminiscence management, CPU cache, you may recognize port programming. In addition you may additionally have Database programming due to documents in C being very sturdy. 
  •  C applications may be without difficulty embedded in different languages which could be a very large asset of C. 
  •  Most three-D Gaming frameworks like DirectX are constructed in C programming language. Because for any Game person to enjoy this pace of execution could be very vital and C fits excellent for its due to the fact it’s pace reliability and overall performance. 
  •  Using C we are able to at once get admission to hardware. C is straightforward to research and recognize. 
  •  C is efficient, powerful, transportable and flexible. Flexible due to its reminiscence management. Portable due to the fact it may take the identical supply code, compiled and execute it to get the item that’s identical in all systems. 
  •  C being a shape language. Once you discover ways to use a shape programming language. It turns into a programming language as a way to assist you throughout your lifetime.  
  •  If you research new languages like C++, Java, Python, as soon as you recognize C porting to those languages is so easy. 

Environment Setup/Installation Process

If you need to installation your surroundings for C programming language lastly You want the subsequent  software program gear to be had for your laptop.

(a) Text Editor and (b) The C Compiler however now to begin mastering C programming.

You may handiest need to set up the C compiler on your system. and in recent times C and C++ each compilers come as a unmarried included package. Which serves the cause of C and C++ each application improvement