Once you become a parent there is no going back to the old normal. Your whole life practically revolves around the kid’s life. This is the rule of nature and no one can avoid it. The only sane way to handle parenting while living in the tech life is to get digital help.No doubt today parents’ life is different than in the past but there is also no denial in the fact that the other is more options and tech help available to the parents as well. If they have to deal with the smart tools addiction in the kids there is android spy software as well for the rescue.

TheOneSpy android Keylogger software offers parental control feature. The app is a blessing for parents who are worried sick about the safety and security of their kids.

  • Child abduction is a common problem in the US. According to shocking statistics, a child is abducted or reported missing after every 40 seconds in the United States.
  • According to cyberbullying facts and figures victimization among American range from  15 to 31%.
  • Children belonging to the age group of 9-10 are more likely to become the target of cyberbullying while playing online games

These shocking statistics are enough to realise that android spy software like TheOneSpy is the only saviour. Parents can keep a check on their kids and assure their safety by using these apps. Here are  10 ways you can protect your kid and make them feel safe.

Get Notified About the Online Company:

Keeping a check on the online company is a mandatory task for today’s parents. Most of the time the trouble comes online. TheOneSpy cell phone spy app offer various feature that let the parents know about the online company the kids. Features like the Snapchat spy app, Facebook spy app and more give insights about online platforms and activities.

Control The Type  of People They Meet Online:

Kids mostly try to engage with strangers on dating platforms. Thus there is more chance of foul play on dating sites. One of the best features offered by the android Keylogger software is the Tinder spy app. Parents can practically block the target teen’s internet remotely to stop them from meeting any stranger.

Trace them wherever They go:

GPS location tracking feature reports the pinpoint live location of the kids.

Limit their Movement to only Safe Zones:

Geo-fencing feature of the android Keylogger software is the best. As parents can mark safe and restricted zone virtually on Google Maps.

Always know about their Schedules:

The app gives reports about the built-in calendar activities. You can know if they are planning a night out with friends or if there is a secret birthday party.

Read the private Chat More Often:

Instant messenger chat apps come with so many attractive features. For example, the view once on WhatsApp does not allow to check the image twice. Moreover, there is no further record saved on the device. Similarly disappearing text message setting on Telegram, and an option to revert a sent message without leaving a mark on Instagram are major ones. To deal with such a feature the android keylogger app offers a long list of instant messenger chat apps. Telegram spy app, WhatsApp spy app, Instagram spy app, Skype spy app and more are just some examples.  

Monitor the Traffic on the Public Posts:

The social media monitoring feature allows parents to check the public comments and content on their kid’s posts.

Spam Calls can Be a Warning:

Get the call log feature of the android keylogger software and know about the spam call right away.

Get rid of Scam Texts:

Read the sent and received text and track any coding language right away.

Save Them From Verbal Abuse:

The Mic bug feature let the parents listen to all the sounds and chats around the target teen.

TheOneSpy android spy software technology offers stealth mode. So If you are that kind of parent who doesn’t want to let the kid know about the whole monitoring thing then just don’t. The app works secretly in the background without affecting the normal work of the target gadget. Thus simply put the kid will never know that they are being monitored by their parents with a spy app Read more