Its excellent performance has led to many positive reviews and high ratings for Faber chimneys. The brand has earned its reputation as the most reliable on the market because of the efficient ventilation and long-lasting performance it provides.

It is particularly elaborate to prepare meals in Indian households because many grains, oils, and spices are require. Although the final culinary outcome may be delicious, the kitchen may become permanently greased up in the process, which can cause physical discomfort in the kitchen and throughout the house, causing unpleasant smells and airborne particles to linger.

Technological advancements have simplified this appliance and keeps the kitchen clean and sanitary; however, Indian cooking continues to be a laborious task because of the wide variety of raw materials used. Cooking becomes tedious if the cleaning is left unattended afterward. 

Which not only makes the process of cooking more difficult. Where does the solution lie? There is no doubt that Faber chimneys are India’s most sought-after kitchen chimneys. As top chimney manufacturers in India, they are renown for their products. 

It is possible to find the best kitchen chimneys of 60 cm from several kitchen appliance brands. You should consider Faber chimneys if you’re looking to buy a kitchen chimney. Purchasing a 60-cm kitchen chimney is possible if you own a gas stove with two burners. The chimney should be 90 cm from each burner when there are three gas burners in the kitchen.

Grease control 

Featuring motion sensing technology, Faber’s smart chimneys are easy to operate with gestures. You can keep your chimney oil-free and control it easily by using touchless controls or the touch LED screen. This Faber chimney has a touch-screen control panel for controlling three speeds, auto-cleaning, and on/off. 

Everyone who has ever cleaned their chimney knows how difficult, time-consuming, and physically demanding it can be. A new feature of Faber’s 3D chimneys is an automatic cleaning feature, which uses no manual intervention to clean the oil of residues. 

The powerful suction of smoke 

A six-way suction Faber chimney is available on some Faber chimneys to assist with removing smoke faster. Its unique 3D Suction power makes it the best in class for suction power, with a 25% higher suction area, 15% better grease reduction, and a 10dBA noise reduction. 

The chimney comes with filter-less technology to make cleaning a breeze. According to the dimensions of the kitchen and the number of bends in the suction pipe, one should decide on the suction capacity of the motor for a chimney. A chimney should choose according to one’s needs, based on the configuration of the filter – Cassette or Baffle.


With its beautifully crafted craftsmanship and pride in being made in India, this smart auto-clean chimney has more to boast about than its features. For consumers, the latest technology in kitchen appliances can purchase at a very affordable price.

Easy maintenance 

The auto-clean feature of Faber kitchen chimneys is one of its major selling points. The majority of chimney installers are tired of having to clean their chimneys endlessly. An oily chimney produces a lot of grease and oil pollution. The parts of the machine are choke, resulting in reduced performance. The chimney can be easily clean by simply tapping it on the touch. With no pollutant entering the motor, which may affect its efficiency.

Clever design 

A stainless steel Faber chimney adds a touch of sophistication and performance to your kitchen. While the classic pyramid design adds classic appeal. A baffle filter in the kitchen is easy to use and removes dust and smoke easily. Therefore, this chimney produces less smoke while cooking and produces more fragrance. 

By preventing oil and oil particles from entering the kitchen chimney. This chimney improves the suction power and stores oil in a different oil authority to prolong its life. Cooking is simpler with the help of two powerful LED lights. That consume the least amount of power and offer adequate illumination. 

Kitchen chimneys are a common part of many households today. When you cook Indian cuisine, you will fry, temper, and saute a lot, leading to grease and oil buildup. Removing all grease, oil, and grime from walls and appliances will allow. You to install strong and durable chimneys in your kitchen. Numerous choices are available online, but Faber chimneys from Bajaj Mall are an all-time favorite of Indian mothers. 

It can difficult to choose one from the many models available and find one that is the right fit. 60-centimeter kitchen chimneys are the best option in small and medium kitchens since they provide excellent heat distribution. It is always possible to change the stove’s size depending on your cooking requirements. And the amount of space you have. Faber chimneys are an affordable and convenient option for mothers with busy schedules. Who have to deal with a hectic cooking schedule.

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